Friday , December 2 2022

Christmas 2021

In October or November we went back to church for the first time since COVID started. (Well, we went once to an outside service.) The weekend before Thanksgiving, we filled shoe boxes at church. These get sent to 3rd world countries for kids to open up.

On the way back from Pennsylvania a couple of days after Thanksgiving, we headed over to a small farm west of Cleveland to pick up 2 pug puppies (Rainbow Kite & Stripe). We stopped by the Christmas Story House in East Cleveland. This is where parts the Christmas Story was filmed (some interior shots, outside views of the house, and on the street). The story from the guide is that the producers were looking for some steal mills, because the father in the movie worked at a steal mill. They got lost and fell in love with the house, which has the steal mill in the background. While grabbing a drink near the house, they ran into the owner and were able to convince him to let the movie producers use the house.

I had an optional holiday part at work. It was cool to see everybody in person. Since I’ve worked here, we’ve been mostly remote. We had a great time!

Gants held their annual Christmas Party and let me take a few pics.

On December 20th, Santa Claus came to visit Logan Elm Village and Jefferson Addition. The Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office and the Pickaway Township Fire Department lead the parade and helped with traffic control. We helped set it up, so Carrie, Robert, and I rode in one of the fire trucks. My mom, her husband Bill, and Cara road in the horse-drawn sleigh with Santa. We’re hoping to make this an annual event.

Cara had her pre-school musical. She was excited to be dressed up and was shy during the performance. She was proud to show off her classroom afterwards.

Robert’s class put on A Christmas Carol performance. It was entertaining and funny.

Back at church, we had the annual ugly sweater contest. Cara was a little upset she didn’t win, but she didn’t even have a Christmas sweater on, and she got second place 🙂

Christmas Eve, we went to Carrie’s parent’s house.

Christmas Day, Grandpa Goat, Nanna, and Grandpa Bill came over to watch Robert and Cara open up their presents.

A couple days after Christmas, my mom had everyone over. Uncle Dave, Aunt Diane, and Cousin Lauren came down (or up in the case of Lauren).

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