Friday , December 2 2022

Vegas Trip

After being cooped up with the kids for over a year, Carrie and I decided to do a little get away to Las Vegas. We went to the Comedy Cellar, Penn & Teller, and Blue Man Group. Apparently, the shows had really just started back up. The comedians and Penn & Teller were pretty rusty. I figured out most of the main tricks at Penn & Teller because I is so SMRT. Blue Man Group was the best show.

We took a helicopter ride out to the western edge of the Grand Canyon. It was pretty awesome. We landed in a little opening at the bottom and walked around and took pictures for 20-30 minutes. We ate some light snacks and flew back. We got some great aerial shots of Vegas, the surrounding geography, and Hoover Dam.

We stayed at the Bellagio Hotel. The lobby is giant and beautiful. We also enjoyed the spa services, which were very relaxing. I got the best hair cut / beard trim of my life. It took us a bit to find really good food, but by the last couple of days we had our goto spots. Hint: The casino buffet is a giant rip-off.

After watching the Blue Man Group at the Luxor, we raced off to the airport to catch a red-eye. We were eager to get back home to the kids but also cherished the relaxing time. Maybe next time we’ll take the kids. They would have enjoyed the Blue Man Group and the Grand Canyon.

One of our favorite spots is the Fremont District. We almost didn’t go. It’s the old part of Vegas with the original Casinos. The street is covered with a giant LCD screen. There were street performers and a lot of vendors. Carrie got a picture with Christopher Errickson, the Pick My Pose guy. For a contribution people can move him into whatever position they want. He’s famous on TikTok.