Friday , December 2 2022

Gatlinburg Trip

Cara was ecstatic to take the controls. Good thing there were bumpers. When she turns 16, we’ll let mom teach her to drive. They will both probably have the same expression on their face.

In June, we decided to get away. We really had not been anywhere since the COVID lockdown. We rented a cabin in the Gatlinburg area and invited my mom and Bill to stay with us. The cabin was beautiful and had great views, especially at sunset. We drove into Gatlinburg and found breakfast. There, we picked a destination for the day from one of the local tourism magazines.

We ended up at Ober Gatlinburg, which we entered in the middle of Gatlinburg. A tramway took us up the mountain to a small amusement park. 

We spent the whole day there, and the kids had fun on the rides. Cara made a friend and rode the cars with her multiple times. Robert raced other boys up the climbing wall.

We ate out at a steak house, drank wine someone left at the cabin, sat by a fire, and had a great time. It was almost like getting back to normal for the first time.

Cara gave the trip two thumbs up!