Friday , December 2 2022

Conkel’s Hollow

Robert and I shot over to Conke’l Hollow for a quick hike. We left around 3:35 PM and arrived about 4:10 PM. We did the hike through the hollow and back in time to be out by dark at 5 PM. About 80% of this hike is on paved sidewalk. The stairs you see goes up to the trail on the outer rim, which is about 2 miles. We’ll do that one next time.

Robert and I liked this hike because the cliff walls feel really high. Also, the whole trail follows a little creek. It is a peaceful hike.

I can’t believe this park is only 35 minutes away, and I’ve never been there. We always went to Old Man’s Cave as a kid and never ventured out to see the other parks. It was definitely worth the trip. We’ll be back very soon.