Tuesday , December 6 2022

Visit to Sharp Farms

Yesterday, we visited Sharp Farms near Sugar Grove (south of Lancaster). Carrie wanted to do a pumpkin patch for her birthday weekend. We met up with the Luke and Melissa Horn and their family. They had a cousin with them, who kept Liam pretty busy. Cara and Madeline hung out all day together and got along famously.

We didn’t realize it until we got there, but yesterday was the farm’s opening day for the season. We tried some pumpkin ice cream, which they made on the farm. It hadn’t quit solidified 100% yet, but it was good enough for us. It was delicious. Although, I started the visit with the ice cream, the kids started the day with a visit to the petting zoo. Liam kept waiting for his parents to be sufficiently distracted so he could try to ride the Donkey, but the opportunity never came. The girls ran around and visited the donkey, pony, and llamas. There were also chickens, goats, and a turkey in another section. The turkey kept barking at me, so I practiced my turkey call with him.

The older kids and the Horns took the kids into the corn maze. They conquered the maze in about 25 minutes. One of the hosts, a teacher at a local school, admitted to us that she had never really done the maze until recently. It took her an hour and a half. Melissa took the girls on a smaller part of the maze. After he maze, everybody finally caught up with me and went to get ice cream. Normally, I would have let them sample mine, but with COVID and all, the proper thing is to eat it all myself. See… COVID isn’t all bad.

After everybody was sufficiently sugared up, we all shopped for pumpkins. Robert got a white one and Cara got an orange one and 2 baby gourds to go with it. After our day at the farm, we finished the night at the Horn’s with grilled hamburgers, brats, & hot dogs. Melissa also made a pumpkin cake for Carrie’s birthday. We finished with a fire in the back yard.