Friday , December 2 2022

Hocking Hills 2020

This is the second time we’ve rented a cabin in the Logan/Hocking Hills area. We would like to eventually buy or build our own cabin some day. We stayed at the Cedar Ridge Lodge which we found on Air BNB. We liked the dedicated game room in the basement. That kept the kids entertained. Also, there was enough internet to watch Netflix. We ended up watching the 2000 and 2018 Grinch movies, which Robert mentioned as his favorite thing at the Cabin. Cara’s favorite thing was putting together a puzzle with Bubby.

Robert and I also played 2 games of pool on the mini-pool table. Robert had me beat by 4 balls on the second game, called his 8 ball shot almost on time. He would have won the second game had he not scratched.


Monday evening, I drove back into town because I forgot my medicine. While there, I picked up a new (to me) camera. I gave Robert my old one and I showed him a few basics. On Tuesday morning (just barely), we went out to Ash Cave, both armed with our cameras. I put the 30mm prime lens on Roberts and the only one I have for the full frame is a 55-200mm. Robert did a really good job composing his photos, and after he figured out the auto-focus, ended up publishing a lot of his shots. I thought mine were okay. Maybe, I would have done better with a wider prime lens. But also, I was a bit distracted trying to learn to shoot in manual mode, and also experiment with some long exposures. Excuses, excuses. Look at the bottom for both sets of photos.

On Tuesday afternoon, we drove the kids to my mom’s house. Carrie’s friend Tracy and her boyfriend Andy came out to the cabin, and we had some time with friends without the kids. We only broke 1 wine glass, so that was a good night. Enjoy the photos.

Robert’s Photos

My Photos