Thursday , October 6 2022
Blow up display at 1800 Sioux Dr, Circleville.

Logan Elm Village lit up for Halloween

If you drive around Logan Elm Village this year, you’re going to see a lot of Halloween lights and decorations. I never noticed them to the extent that I saw them this year, but maybe I wasn’t paying that close attention. Life slowed down a bit, and one of the benefits is there is time to stop and smell the roses… or notice the orange lights.

Lit up blow up display at 1800 Sioux Dr, Circleville.

This display at 1800 Sioux Drive was put up by the Snyder family. Shelly Snyder says they put up the display in mid-September. She says, “It’s our favorite holiday and we decided to start early since it’s a much slower year than normal so that the kids in the neighborhood get to enjoy it longer.” She adds, “Halloween is all about kids – why not go big?”

Shelly said the display is about the same as last year. Neither COVID or the cancellation of Pumpkin Show influenced the size of her display; although, she may make one change. She says, “We have never [put up Christmas lights] in the past, but it’s a bigger possibility this year.”

This Peanuts inspired display can be found at 1850 Shoshoni Drive. It was put up by the Joslyn family. Jay Joslyn says, “We’ve always decorated some, but this current display was first put up in 2016. My wife does daycare so there are always kids around plus I enjoy making decorations and such.” He says the display is about the same size as last year.

Jay will also set out a Christmas display like he does every year. He says, “We have a Christmas display with characters similar to our Halloween display that we bought several years ago. It gave me the idea for the Halloween characters. It will go up the first of December. I actually made a few a Thanksgiving characters this year to fill the gap.” Jay adds, “The feedback you get makes it all worth while. When you see people driving by, stopping so their kids can look at them, that Is reason enough.”

These are just two of the displays out of the many dozens you can find at Logan Elm Village, which is located just south of Circleville off route 23. To me, holidays feel different this year… more important. I’m so glad my neighbors have decided to decorate and provide us something beautiful to look at. As Jay says, “If everyone would display a little something think how beautiful that would be.”